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You are only as good as your word

Why do people sign up to box and then back out? When a person signs up to box, they are giving their word that they will do so. I am not talking about emergency situations, work problems, etc. I am talking about people that sign up to box and then something else comes along that they would rather do. I am talking about people that have decided they would rather box somewhere else at a later date. I am talking about people that don't even have the courage to tell me they are not going to show up or lie about the reason they can't box. I am also talking about the people that don't have any intention of boxing when they sign up...they get some type of weird joy out doing this. Remember one thing young men and young are only as good as your word. If you develop a habit of being unreliable, it will be the difference between being a success or a failure throughout life. The choice is yours.
These people are jeopardizing the amateur boxing program because these events are very expensive, especially at the Charleston Civic Center.  I need to know how many night to rent the venue.  The fans feel cheated if I do not give them what has been advertised.  I have to rely on your word.  So, when I rent a building, it is based on the number of entries I have.  When people read this website and see you name on the list of entries, they buy tickets expecting to see you box.  I am trying to keep the amateur program in West Virginia alive for those that want to box.  So for you people that really do not care about boxing, please do not sign up to box in the future.  In the case of many of you who have signed up to box in the past and present and not bothered to show up or even notify me, your word is no longer good with me.