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The USA Boxing, West Virginia Association held its 2012 annual meeting on January 5, 2013 at the Charleston Civic Center, Charleston, WV at 10:00 p.m. in Parlor A.

Highlights of the meeting are as follows:
  • President Gary Toney reported on the "State of West Virginia LBC Boxing."  He pointed out that the LBC had been recognized by USA Boxing for increasing its membership, sanctions, and clubs by more than 5% over the previous year.  Additionally, the LBC has over $11,000 in its bank account which is the largest year end balance in the history of the LBC.  The interest in amateur boxing in West Virginia is greater than it has been in several years and should improve more in 2013.
  • President Toney stressed the need for a 2013 budget as soon as possible.  We must utilize our funds in a manner that will improve the overall boxing program.
  • President Toney mentioned that when athletes, nonathletes and clubs register it is vitally important that all information be correct.  Failure to show correct addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers will result in those members failing to receive communications from the LBC.
  • Proper meeting preparations was stressed.  The membership should submit agenda items to the president so a list of agenda items can be circulated to  the membership one or two weeks before the meeting.  This will provide for more productive meetings.
  • Vice President Steve Dotson stated that the president had discussed items of major concern and he had nothing to add at this time.  President Toney commended Vice President Dotson for his assistance over the previous two years.
  • Secretary Rob Fletcher read the minutes of the previous meeting.  A written copy of the minutes will be made available on request.
  • Treasurer Carol Smyth gave a report on the financial health of the LBC.  Treasurer Smyth reported a balance of $11, 260 in the LBC bank account.  The treasurer also reported that all LBCs had received a $1,000 grant from USA Boxing and we must provide USA Boxing with an explanation of how the funds are to be utilized along with receipts supporting the transaction(s).  This was postponed until new business.
  • Registration Committee Chair Carol Smyth reported the following statistics for the year 2012:  243 athletes, 68 nonathletes, 14 clubs and 14 sanctions. 
  • Action item regarding fee schedule:  President Toney and Secretary Fletcher submitted a proposal that the fee structure for registrations, club memberships and sanctions for 2013 remain unchanged except the the LBC should waive the $100 charge per bout (maximum charge of $500) on Pro-Am events.  This fee waiver should be for a trial period of one year.  The Board approved the proposal.
  • Chief of Officials Connie Brammer reported on the state of the officials program.  She stressed that it is a major problem getting enough officials to work events despite an increase in the number of registered and certified officials.  An equally major problem is that she cannot get officials to respond to her requests for officials to work events.  She also discussed a procedure for requesting clinics.  All requests are to be made directly to her at least one month in advance of the proposed date.  She addressed some recent problems at an event involving a boxer getting into the ring wearing a protective cup outside of his trunks; another boxer getting into the ring with a full beard and was subsequently disqualified; and another boxer being disqualified for hitting an opponent on the break thereby incapacitating the fouled boxer which resulting in unsportsmanlike conduct from the offending boxer, leaving the ring without being examined by the doctor, and a very unruly crowd.  Ms. Brammer suggested that the fans need to be educated regarding the rules.  President Toney stated he would prepare a written communication which th. e announcer would read prior to the beginning of the bouts.  It was also stressed that good sportsmanship is a major component to the USA Boxing program.
  • Junior Olympic Committee Chairman Noah Kirk reported on the JO program and stated that there were two organizations other than USA Boxing preparing boxer rankings which included the Junor Olympic weight classes.
  • Old Business:  President Toney stated that a representative of T. J. Hensley had informed him that Mr. Hensley would like to box again.  The Board of Governors reaffirmed that Mr. Hensley would have to provide the LBC with medical certification showing that the injuries he previously claimed to have sustained to his hands and wrists were healed and he was fit to box.  President Toney added that Mr. Hensley had refused to accept delivery of a certified letter sent to him regarding the alleged injury.
  • New Business:  Discussion was held regarding the $1,000 grant from USA Boxing.  The membership decided that the funds should be utilized in the recruitment and certification of officials.
  • The meeting adjoured at 1:05 p.m.