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Lincoln County Students

Lincoln County Students

LINCOLN COUNTY STUDENTS: Last year you won the team championship in our championship boxing tournament. You were all so very proud on the night of the finals when you upset the defending champions who attended Riverside High. Then you were disappointed when the school principal at that time would not allow you to display the trophy in the school trophy case. Since boxing is not a school sport.  I am not surprised at that action, although, I do not see the harm it would have done. You were further disappointed in January 2012 when the Board of Education rejected my request to hold an event in your school so you could demonstrate your skills in front of your hometown. I was also disappointed but I am not quitting.  I am more determined  than ever to find a place in Lincoln County for you to box even if it has to be in a farm field.  To date, not a single Lincoln County boxer has signed up to box March 2 & 3. Quitting is not the solution to disappointment and adversity! By quitting, you are simply giving up. I am asking you guys to defend your team title and show the "adults" that you are not quitters. Show them that you are young responsible adults and that you will be voting someday. The decision is yours to make and always be proud of what you accomplished last year!