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November 2010

Thanks to Doug Pauley

My very good friend Doug Pauley recently made a very generous donation to Hooks for Books Boxing.  We rarely get donations and this was by far the largest donation we have received to date.  Last year he also donated to the organization.  Doug has been my friend since I coached him in boxing many years close to 40 years.  He only had one bout and won the St. Albans Golden Gloves welterweight novice championship.  He continued training for several months but felt he was not progressing as well as he should.  We talked about his situation and since I did not have anyone helping me coach, I asked Doug to be my assistant coach.  He  became a student of boxing and learned the sport quickly.  He also helped recruit boxers and developed an eye for boxers that had potential.
Doug was working his way through college at the time so he couldn't always be in the gym but he came in as often as he could.  Of course school and his jobs were more important than boxing.  He finished college and worked at different jobs in the business sector.  Over the years he stayed in touch with me and helped me coach from time to time. 
Doug Pauley is a self made man in the local business industry.  He sometimes struggled in the early years but was very determined and worked hard.  He sometimes worked two jobs in his effort to start his own business.  Today Doug is very successful in the real estate industry.  He is still involved in boxing as a member of the West Virginia State Athletic Commission.  Despite Doug's success over the years, he never forgot his friends or his struggles in the early years.  He helps a number of organizations and charities.
A wise man once told me that you are a lucky person if you can count your true friends on the fingers of one hand.  Doug Pauley is included in that count.  He is a true friend and I am proud to call him friend!  Thank you Doug for your assistance and generosity over the years.   

2011 Hooks for Books Boxing Schedule

2011 Schedule...As we prepare the  2011 schedule there are a number of factors we must consider and we need your help.  These events are expensive and we are not meeting our goal of raising scholarship funds due to a lack of fan interest and in some cases a lock of student/boxer participation.  Students/boxers must start helping with publicity by talking to your fellow students, teachers and relatives about the events in your area in order to attract larger crowds and getting more students to participate.  I am going to post a survey form on this website entitled "Where Do You Want to Box" and  I sincerely hope you will complete it.  All events are open to school students ages 13 to 19 and college students.   Remember, this program is designed for you and we need your help.  Again, please lease complete the survey form.  Also, complete the form only if you are willing to box.  At the last event in Charleston, several people that signed up on line did not show up to box.  Likewise, at the last event at the Baileysville Community Center, we only had 6 boxing matches.  This makes it very difficult to sell to the public.