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September 2010

Planning, Cooperation and Communication

There have been 439 vistors to the Hooks for Books Boxing website in the past 30 days, yet only five boxers have signed up to participate.  The Charleston Hooks for Books Boxing event is little more than a month away.  The success of any boxing event depends upon adequate planning, communication and cooperation from the boxing clubs, coaches and boxers.  This rarely happens in West Virginia as many coaches wait until the very last minute to turn in their list of boxers.  Likewise, boxers wait until the last minute to commit to their coaches that they are willing to box.  Consequently, most events do not enjoy the success they would have had better planning, communication and cooperation existed.  The only venue I have available in the the Kanawha Valley is the Charleston Civic Center which is expensive.  If I am forced to cancel/postpone an event at the Civic Center, I will lose the deposit I paid on the rent which is over a $1,000.  Thus, it is imperative that I have good communications and cooperation from the coaches and boxers.  Otherwise, it is impossible for me to adequately plan for the event.  I have made it easy for boxers to sign up for any Hooks for Books event in WV.  All they have to do is log on to and sign up on the Entry Form page.  Therefore, I employ all boxers that wish to participate in the upcoming event at the Charleston Civic Center to sign up as soon as possible.  

Welcome to GET's Boxing Blog

Welcome to GET's Boxing Blog...this feature is being added to better communicate with the Hooks for Books Boxing family and to gather ideas to improve the Hooks for Books Boxing program.  Additionally, you can post to the blog and comment on posts and we encourage you to do so.  We value your thoughts and opinions.