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Hometown Heroes Boxing - Providing Opportunities for Our  Youth
Welcome to Hometown Heroes Boxing®!
Hometown Heroes Boxing®, Inc. is organized in the state of West Virginia as a nonprofit corporation. Its purpose is to foster, develop and promote recreational and competitive amateur boxing opoortunities for hometown athletes and supportive participants who are registered with USA Boxing. Additionally, if funds are available Hometown Heroes Boxing® will provide equipment for boxing gyms; scholarship funds for high school seniors desiring to attend college or trade school; funds for students in college; funds for physical fitness facilities; and funds for other charitable organizations.
Funds are raised through friendly amateur boxing competitions involving athletes registered with USA Boxing, the national governing body of amateur boxing in the United States.
Hometown Heroes Boxing® be divided into territories by state and states may be subdivided.
Each Hometown Heroes Boxing® member must be a club member of United States Amateur Boxing, Inc. (USA Boxing) which is recognized as the national governing body of amateur boxing in the U. S. by the United States Olympic Committee.
All Hometown Heroes Boxing® competitions are sanctioned by USA Boxing and conducted under its rules. All officials are USA Boxing certified and all boxers are registered with USA Boxing.
Soldier saluting at sunsetHometown Heroes Boxing also honors military veterans, policemen, firemen and other individuals who have performed heroic acts of bravery.
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